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ADS Educational Resource Library

The Education Committee produces and publishes educational information for membership, officials, and the public. These efforts may at times include coordinating projects with the appropriate ADS committees, whether is it helping those committee find resources to produce material or suggesting content of educational material.

Pleasure Driving Competition

Your First Pleasure Show
(created by Susan Kosos and Holly Pulsifer)

Recreational Driving

Road Safe Part 1, reprinted from Volume 35, Number 4 of The Whip
Road Safe Part 2, reprinted from Volume 36, Number 1 of The Whip
Road Safe Part 3, reprinted from Volume 36, Number 2 of The Whip

New to Driving

Marathon Harnessing- You Tube Video
Harness Fit and Adjustment - You Tube Video
Measuring a Driving Whip

Combined Driving

Record of Individual Competition Results
Summary Results of Several Competitions: CDE
Transfer Section

Driven Dressage

Dressage Terms
Dressage Arena Layout

Educational Activities

Educational Activity Application
Hold Harmless Agreement
Activity Recap Form

Do you or your club want to host an Educational Activity? ADS Educational Activities further the mission of ADS to make the sport of carriage driving safe, fun, and fair for all. Educational activities may not be competitions, and prizes, placings, or other indicia of a competition may not be offered or presented. Educational activities are to inform drivers, trainers, organizers, media and/or volunteers in the sport or to provide training, experience or practice suited to individual skills. To qualify for ADS registration and for coverage under the ADS Insurance Program, the Organizer of a proposed educational activity must agree to and comply with ADS Requirements. Failure to comply may invalidate insurance coverage and result in denial of future registration.

Below is an overview of the requirements for ADS Educational Activities. Organizers should read the Educational Activity Application for a complete listing.

1. ADS Membership and Activity Recap Form.
The Organizer of a ADS Educational Activity must be an adult, and a current ADS member. The Organizer must be named on the application in order to be covered by insurance. Organizers receiving ADS membership applications and payment must forward the forms and funds to the ADS office no later than 10 days after the activity, along with the signed liability releases and the Activity Recap form filled in and signed by the Organizer.

2. ADS Disclaimer and Hold Harmless Agreement.
All participants in the educational activity, including the Organizer, each driver and instructor, must apply for permission to attend the activity by signing the ADS Disclaimer and Hold Harmless Agreement. Copies must be returned to the ADS office.

3. Safety Guidelines.
See the Educational Activity Application for a complete list of safety guidelines.

4. Rules.
The Organizer agrees to be guided in principle by the current ADS Rules for carriage driving, especially with regard to the suitability of obstacles, conduct and safety. Organizers are responsible for determining and adhering to local laws and requirements.

5. Organizer’s Rights.
The Organizer has the right to cancel any activity, alter advertised times or locations, and to refuse any entry. 

6. Publicity.
Each educational activity for which recognition of ADS is sought will include in its name a reference to ADS. For example, the “XYZ Farm ADS Schooling Day” or “ADS Educational Activity” or “The John Smith ADS New Driver Clinic.” The entry form and/or promotional flyer for the educational activity must clearly identify the activity as recognized by the ADS- it should also be submitted with the initial application.

7. Application Fee/Approval.
For recognition as a ADS Educational Activity, a completed Organizer’s Application for an American Driving Society, Inc Educational Activity must be received by the ADS office at least fifteen business days prior to the start of the activity, along with fees as listed on application.

8. Insurance.
The ADS educational activities secure insurance under ADS auspices; however, Organizers and landowners must raise all questions concerning coverage or requests for certificates of insurance directly through the insurance agent: Equisure, Inc. 13790 E Rice Rd., Ste. 100, Aurora, CO 80015, (800) 752-2472 Phone, (303) 614-6967 fax.

9. Policy.
All Organizers and landowners are advised to obtain a certificate of Professional Liability Insurance for each Clinician hired to conduct an educational activity.

10. Turnout.
All equipment, including equine, for a participant in the ADS educational activity must be supplied by participant. Organizers may not supply carriages, horses or other equipment to participant.

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