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All Rule Change Suggestions MUST be emailed to rulebook@americandrivingsociety.org

January-May     Rule Change Suggestions are accepted from any member or committee. Submit Rule Change Suggestions to rulebook@americandrivingsociety.org Deadline May 31.

Request for Rule Change Suggestion Form

June 1-15  Rulebook Committee published red-line PDF compilation of RCSs by June 15 for tech committees to review.
June 15-July 1  Tech committees review and/or add to the RCS compilation, mark each with either Accepted, Accepted with Changes, or Not Accepted, by July 1 (Rulebook Committee develops a spreadsheet to track comments and actions). Tech committees submit their feedback to rulebook@americandrivingsociety.org by July 1.
July 1-Aug 1  The Rulebook Committee amends the RCS document to a Rule Change Proposals (RCPs) document, publishes it by August 1 via website for 30-day member comment period. All member comments come in via email to rulebook@. Rulebook Committee uses file sharing method to share member comments publically during the comment period.
Aug 1-Aug 30 Member comments accepted by email ONLY to rulebook@americandrivingsociety.org
Sept 15 Rulebook Committee compiles member comments, send compiled comments to tech committees by Sept 15.
Sept 15-Oct 1 Tech committees have the opportunity to make changes to the RCPs by Oct 1. 
Nov 1 Board receives report on adherence to process from Rulebook Committee at November BOD meeting, views redline RCPs in a  Rulebook DRAFT, approves RCPs.
Dec 1  Approved RCPs are included in the 2021 Rulebook, with an effective date of Jan 1, 2021.


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