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Quadrille: A Great Group Driving Activity 

Supplemental Information for 09' November Whip, Quadrille for Fun and Learning

Simple Quadrille Plan
Original Whip Article

Here's an activity your driving club can try that is low- to no-cost, requires no long-distance travel or special equipment, and has real benefits for both horses and whips: a singles quadrille.

As Germany-based driving trainer Jeffrey Westney explains in the November 2009 issue of the Whip,  This type of driving is incredibly valuable in teaching horses to work in company, while at the same time teaching drivers to control their own animal as well as remaining cognizant of what others are doing--not to mention simply learning to keep their eyes up.

When his driving club in Germany began developing a quadrille, its goals were:

  • Develop the social behaviour of the horses;
  • Regulate gaits and speed to coordinate with others;
  • Perfect standard dressage figures.

Here you'll find a link to a YouTube video that shows Jeffrey's club in several stages of learning to drive a quadrille pattern. There is another link to a simple step-by-step quadrille pattern that you can use for your own club.
One of the best parts of doing this together is that as you improve, you're also really enjoying yourselves!

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