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Organizer's Tips and Helpful Links

Tips and Tricks ...

Show organizer Veronica Campbell has a great way to get people to enter her shows on time, even early!

Veronica started a contest, where if you enter the show by a set date, before the closing date your entry is automatically entered into a drawing and the winner of the drawing receives a free entry. She reports it is the worth the price to not be waiting until the final date to see if you are going to have enough entries.

Do you have a helpful tip for other organizers? Please send it to: info@americandrivingsociety.org




ADS Promotional Poster - This 11 x 17 poster can be printed, and your event information written on the bottom. Hang it in your local feed stores to pique participant, spectator or volunteer interest.

Sample Press Release - Here is a sample of a common format for a press release. Send this off to local papers and web sites to increase the public awareness of your event.

A Simple Truth Our Sport Relies on Volunteers with Bobbi Hagar

We have a very small sport which cannot afford to pay most of the staff that runs an event. Even with paid Officials, it takes two volunteers for every turnout. That means that no one gets to just be a competitor. If we all want to drive some... then we all have to volunteer some!

You might think it's okay to give money instead of volunteering, but it's not. Your money is not enough to sustain our sport Give something more precious - your time and your talent. Be a Volunteer... or better yet, become a Volunteer Manager!

Learn more about Bobbi and this presentation at: Carriage Driving Volunteers

Archived Recording: Listen to Bobbi's comprehensive presentation on Volunteer Management (Windows Media Format, 70 MB approx 1 hour)


Computer Applications

Google Maps - Maps of your property can be created. Use a graphics program to draw over the top of the picuture and create your course maps.

Gliffy - wonderful online graphic tool for plotting obstacle maps and cones courses.

Gmaps Pedometer - (not completely accurate but works well for planning) great online tool based on Google maps that will measure distances in feet or meters, plot mile and kilometer markers using map and satelite images anywhere in the world.


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