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Learner Judge and TD Training Program

Application Process
Additional Information for Learners
Learner Application
Applications for Promotion

The information here is to assist you in negotiating the rules, regulations, and forms to become or seek a promotion as an ADS official. While this information should assist you in the process, it cannot replace your need to review and abide by the ADS Rules, ADS Competition Guidelines and Requirements for Officials which includes Acceptance and Promotion Criteria (which can be found in the ADS Rulebook.)


The ADS welcomes your interest

The ADS needs members who desire to use their driving and competition experience to utilize their talents and interest in the sport as ADS officials. While officials are generally paid for their services and incurred expenses, the fees rarely meet the equivalent of a regular salary. In addition, ADS officials often incur the additional expenses of care for their own farms and animals while they are away. Being an official can be hard work under difficult conditions. Hours are long, from sunup to sundown. The job requires stamina and physical fitness, tolerance of adverse weather conditions and varying quality of accommodations and lots of "horse show food." In addition, while being an official can be fun and rewarding it can also be stressful when dealing with angry or rude competitors and disorganized show management.







Starting the Learner Application Process

All new ADS officials begin the process by applying to become an ADS Learner Official. ADS learner candidates are expected to have competitive driving knowledge and experience and the desire to learn the duties specific to the license they are seeking. The specific criteria to receive a Learner license are listed in the ADS Rulebook

In general, to become a Learner you must demonstrate competence in five areas:

  1. As a volunteer, as you will be working with volunteers;
  2. As a driving competitor, to be able to evaluate driving;
  3. In horse show management, as you will be assisting organizers and other officials;
  4. In the knowledge of the ADS Rules, as you will need a working expertise of the rules; and 
  5. Have the character and temperament to be an official to manage situations, exhibit leadership and work with others in a professional and ethical manner.

Checklist for Completing the Required Criteria

Refer to the current ADS Rulebook Section LO - Rules of ADS-Licensed Driving Officials for greater details on the requirements for being a licensed official.

  1. The LOC will give greater weight to Learner experiences with ADS Registered Officials
  2. All Learner and recorded experience must be within 5 years of the application for licensing or promotion
  3. You will only receive credit for one experience with an official or at a single location
  4. You must attend a clinic within 1 year of your application to be a Learner or prior to your first Learner experience
  5. All submissions to the LOC including evaluations are confidential.

License Fees

  • Each Learner License: $30
  • Learner License extensions for each additional year: $10 per license
  • Resubmission fee, if application is incomplete: $10
  • Senior ("S") Recorded ("r") and Registered ("R") yearly fee for first license: $40 ($20 per additional license)
  • Application for Promotion: $10

Please see the Application Process page for details.

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