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ADS Licensed Officials Mentoring Program

The purpose of the program is to assist ADS Learner Officials with matriculation.

The goal and objective is to support prospective officials, with the aid of a mentor, in order to reach his or her goals as efficiently and successfully as possible.

The role of a mentor is to share with a mentee information about his or her own experience, as well as provide guidance, introductions, support, feedback and role modeling. Mentorship occurs outside of official Learner experiences.

Mentors must possess a “R” or “S” in the card being mentored.

Mentor positions are open to all ADS “R” or “Senior” Officials, including Technical Delegates.

ADS Licensed Official Mentors agree to:

  • Assess the Learner’s knowledge of horses, performance, skills, management, rules & attitudes.
  • Conduct themselves in appropriate and professional manner.
  • Willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and acts as a role model.
  • Take a personal interest in the mentoring relationship.
  • Exhibit enthusiasm for the process.
  • Value ongoing learning and growth.
  • Encourage questions and discussion.
    Guidelines for mentoring:
  • Ask what events the mentee is planning on being a participant.
  • Explain the process of engaging rental cars, motels, along with proper dress and decorum at private residences.
  • Inquire if appropriate procedures have been followed (permission from organizer, judge).
  • Advise on materials for the event (score sheets, dressage tests, Rulebook).
  • Discuss viable opportunities while in the process of being a learner.
  • Collaborate on which events offer learning opportunities for licensure.
  • Communicate prior to and after an event.
  • Respond to questions on procedures and rules during an event.
  • Verify learner is aware of current rule changes.
  • Point out differences in regions in officiating.
  • Familiarize the Learner with the processes of the LOC.
  • Explain the following: Appropriate dress, competition ring behavior and management as Learner and Registered  Questions discussed arising from experiences.
  • Discuss decisions of placement, handling of problems, and any incidents which resulted in conflct.
  • Assist the Learner in their progression toward promotion.

    This program is strictly voluntary and uncompensated, and no Official or Learner is required to participate. Mentors are not obligated to accept suggested pupils and may accept or decline at their discretion. ADS Licensed Officials are independent contractors and not employees.
    Name Official's Card State Email Phone
    Scott Monroe CDJ - R Maine scottmonroe@sbcglobal.net 860-459-0208
    Marsha Himler PDJ - R
    PDTD - R
    New York stonecroftmh@yahoo.com 518-664-8370
    Hardy Zantke CDJ - S California hzlax@aol.com 310-375-6162
    Penny Nicely CDTD - S Nevada penny@jnpfarms.minden.nv.us 775-267-2392
    John Greenall PDJ - R
    PDTD - R
    CDJ - S
    D - R
    C - R
    Vermont john@greenallcarriage.com 820-436-2266
    Muffy Seaton PDJ - R
    CDJ - R
    South Carolina fourfleas@aol.com 820-436-2266
    Francois Bergeron CDJ - S QC, Canada mober@oricom.ca 450-829-3349
    Mickey Bowen PDJ - R
    PDTD - R
    CDJ - S
    D - R
    South Carolina coachn4@aol.com 610-357-5796
    Mary Anne Boyden PDJ - R South Carolina Maryanne.Boyden@gmail.com 602-377-4107


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