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Combined Driving Committee

Marc Johnson, MA
Phone: (978) 807-0060
Email: obstacle21@aol.com
Committee Email: cdc@americandrivingsociety.org

Committee members:
Breanna Sheahan (CA), Pat Cheatham (GA), Jennifer Matheson (SC), Ellen Ettenger (FL), Diane Kastama (CA), Danny Harter (NY), Simon Rosenman (CN), Jan Hamilton (FL), Daphne White (CO), Lauren Reece (ME)


Rationale for the Committee:
      o   The ADS Combined Driving Committee seeks to cooperatively represent and develop the sport of Combined Driving on local, regional, and national levels.
      o   The ADS Combined Driving Committee interfaces with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), U.S. National Federation which is in turn under the international body for Combined Driving, the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)
      o   Unique to North America are the inventive Combined Driving formats of Driving Trials, Arena Trials and Derbies

Responsibilities:  The ADS Combined Driving Committee:
      o   Interfaces with drivers, officials, and organizers at all levels of development.
      o   Provides information, resources, and networking to develop and govern the sport.
      o   Evaluates and formulates development of rules for safety, fairness, and welfare in Combined Driving.
      o   Values and promotes open communication, transparent processes, and practices that partner divisions and groups.
      o   Oversees compliances in competition organization.
      o   Coordinates communication and programs with fellow ADS committees.
      o   Participates in the formulation of curricula for training of competitors, officials, organizers, volunteers
      o   Oversees North American Championship criteria in conjunction with the Event Standards Committee and continues Championship development with direct   competition support. 

Relationship with other ADS committees:
The Combined Driving Committee works closely with:
      o   Fellow standing committees of Rules, Licensed Officials, Event Standards, and Education as well as with the other driving technical committees: Pleasure, Dressage, and Recreation.
      o   Open communication is also fostered with Regional Directors, Development, Governance and Bylaws.

Goals for 2017:
      o   Assist the development of training via webinars, publications and on site for course design, current rules, volunteers
      o   Create new Organizer’s Guide
      o   Assist the ADS Omnibus submissions system for Combined Driving
      o   Maintain active, timely communication with members who contact the Committee
      o   Work closely with the Rules Committee and general membership in annual review and development of rules for Combined Driving
      o   Interface with fellow equine organizations in promoting Combined Driving in North America
      o   Support interrelationship with USEF via affiliate agreement and cooperative practices
      o   Continue joint supervision of the North American Championships with the Event Standards Committee










Development Committee

Kelly Valdes, NC
Phone: 910-603-2449
Email: fkvaldes@gmail.com
Committee Email: development@americandrivingsociety.org

Committee Members:
Daphne White (CO),Kristin Whittington (IN), Maren Amdal (CA), Gwenyth Bassetti (CA)

The Development Committee is charged with raising funds for use by the ADS for its many programs, publications, meetings and education. Unfortunately our dues are not enough to meet all the needs and desires of our membership, so we are tasked with periodically asking you for a bit more!





Driven Dressage Committee

Tracey Morgan, MD
Phone: (301) 648 5158  
Email: gemmapony@aol.com
Committee Email: dressage@americandrivingsociety.org

Committee Members:
Dana Bright (PA), Boots Wright (FL), ,Dana Diemer (NC), Jennifer Matheson (SC), Allyn Carmen (CA), Carol Funderburgh (SC ), Sara Schmitt (NJ), Lisa Singer (SC), Chrissy Aitken (OH), Tasha Wilke (CA)


The purpose of the Driven Dressage Committee is to provide the society with dressage tests to be used in ADS competitions and to make recommendations on the rules that apply to Driven Dressage all divisions of ADS competition.  The Driven Dressage Committee cooperates with the society activity in educational efforts, licensed officials training and certification, and the rule change process including rule modifications from USEF and FEI.

Rationale for the Committee:  Dressage is one of the four types (Driven Dressage, Pleasure Driving, Recreational Driving and Combined Driving) of driving events recognized by the ADS.  The Dressage Committee is primarily responsible for maintaining and updating the format, rules and practices of the Driven Dressage discipline including the derivatives of Driving Trials and Arena Trials, as well as Pleasure Driving.

Specific Requirements

  • Prepares, proposes and considers and makes recommendations on rule change proposals (RCP) from ADS members, the USEF or the FEI.
  • Proposes new rules or proposes modification of existing rules to improve the Discipline of Dressage
  • Assesses, reports and makes recommendations on the health of the Dressage discipline.
  • Participates in the creation of curricula for the training of learners and officials in Combined Driving.
  • Participates in the creation and upgrading of the ADS Dressage tests for Training, Preliminary, 
  • Intermediate and Advanced (non FEI)

Relationship with others Committees: The Dressage Committee works most closely with Licensed Officials, Rules, Education and the other Technical Committees (Event Standards, Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving).

Education Committee

Dana Bright, PA
Phone: 717-471-7524
Email: cdeponyz@comcast.net
Committee Email: education@americandrivingsociety.org 

Committee Members: 
Deb McCarthy (FL), Tracey Morgan (MD), Lauren Reece (ME), Linda Willis (SC), Myrna Rhinehart (WI), Carrie Ostrowski (KY), Lynn Legg (VA)



Event Standards Committee

Esther (Boots) Wright, FL
Phone: (352) 629-7801
Email: webothfarms@gmail.com
Committee Email: eventstandards@americandrivingsociety.org 

Committee Member:
 Ellen Ettenger (FL) Jennifer Matheson (SC) Donna Crookston (PA)

The Event Standards Committee strives to ensure that every ADS recognized competition is run fairly and in conjunction with the ADS Rules and Standards. The Event Standards Committee is committed to fair competition and the safety and welfare of the horse. We support and regulate competitions by promoting and encouraging interest, participation and excellence at every competitive level.


  • Reviews Judge’s and Technical Delegate’s Reports and act on the ones which suggest that competition needs some guidance.
  • Develop a rating system, similar to that of Eventing, for each of our competitions. The rationale being that to achieve a four-star (for instance) rating, certain standards and conditions must be met; caliber of course, experience of Officials, quality of venue and amenities etc.

Rationale for the Committee:  The Event Standards Committee is responsible for making sure that conditions and venues are appropriate to the level of competitors and recreational drivers and that proper safety measures are taken regarding footing, course terrain and venue infrastructure in order to maintain the quality of ADS Events

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Reviews technical delegate reports and those of judges from all ADS competitions and recreational driving activities
  • Makes recommendations to the various ADS Standing Committees based on the committee’s conclusions regarding any problem
  • Consults with other committees to ensure that standards are achieved.
  • Works with other committees in organizing and creating curricula for Organizers Clinics

Relationship with other Committees:  The Event Standards Committee works closely with the  Combined Driving Committee, Driven Dressage Committee, and Rules Committee.

Executive Committee

Dan Rosenthal, President 
Dana Bright, Vice President 
Shelly Temple, Vice President & Interim Licensed Officials Committee Chair 
Pat Cheatham,Treasurer 
Teresa Bron, Secretary 
Kelly Valdes, Development Committee Chair
Margaret Grillet, Governance & Bylaws Committee Chair
Committee Email: ec@americandrivingsociety.org 

Finance and Audit Committee

Pat Cheatham, GA
Phone: (404) 229-6206
Email: fathorse@bellsouth.net
Committee Email: finaudit@americandrivingsociety.org 

Committee members:
Marc Johnson (MA), Kelly Valdes (NC), Dan Rosenthal (SC) (ex-officio), Maureen Grippa (NC), Teresa Bron (WA), Jessica Axelsson (NJ)


Governance & Bylaws

Chair: Margaret Grillet, PA
Phone: (302) 465-2200
Email: margaretgrillet@yahoo.com​
Committee Email: gbl@americandrivingsociety.org
Committee Members: 
Maren Amdal (CA), Lauren Reece(ME)




Licensed Officials Committee

Interim Chairperson:
Rochelle Temple (SC)
Phone: (804) 837-4888

Email: catalystdriving@gmail.com​

Committtee Email: loc@americandrivingsociety.org

Committee Members: Audrey Bostwick (PA), Larry Brinker (CN), Mickie Bowen (PA), Penny Nicely (NV), Michele Harn (WI), Gina Handy (NY), MaryAnne Boyden (SC), Kacy Tipton-Fashik (FL), Deborah Bevan (SC), Katy Rhinehard (SC), Rebecca Gutierrez (SC)


The duties of the American Driving Society’s Licensed Official’s Committee pertain to the development of comprehensive and continuing education of officials so they may have a thorough knowledge of carriage driving sport as described in the ADS Rulebook. Licensed Officials are a resource for event organizers to provide good, fair sport, and for competitor’s performances to be evaluated fairly.


The ADS LOC will continue to implement the tasks directed by the ADS Policies and Procedures, Competition Guidelines, and ADS Rulebook, including, but not limited to:

  1. Review applications for acceptance and promotions of officials. Applications are obtained through the ADS website.
  2. Review and update criteria for above as needed.
  3. Keep website information current.
  4. Review written complaints and evaluations of officials as directed by Policies and Procedures Disciplinary Guidelines. This will occur as needed.
  5. Coordinate with the ADS Education, Pleasure Driving, Combined Driving, Dressage, and Event Standards Committees to develop curricula and create educational materials to use at events whether on site clinics or on line webinars.
  6. Inform membership of Committee activities through ADS publications and make breed partners of ADS aware of LOC activities.

Specific Responsibilities 


  • Creates the criteria for Learner acceptance, license promotion, and annual renewal for ADS officials as published in the ADS Rulebook, Policies and Procedures, and ADS Competition Guidelines.
  • Reviews and acts upon all applications for acceptance, promotion or renewal of official’s licenses. Strict confidentiality is observed in all matters.
  • Reviews and acts upon all written complaints about officials received by the ADS Executive Office in accordance with the disciplinary mandates outlined in Policies and Procedures.
  • Creates curricula for training of Learners and officials in the sports of combined, pleasure, dressage driving, as well as coaching.  
  • Schedules, plans, and implements clinics and other educational opportunities to allow officials to meet mandated continuing education requirements.  

Relationship with Other Committees

The ADS LOC works closely with Education and other Tech committees, Event Standards, Pleasure Driving, Combined Driving and Driven Dressage. 

Pleasure Driving Committee

Jeff Morse, MA
Phone: (413) 698-3804
Email: greenmeads@gmail.com
Committee email: pdc@americandrivingsociety.org

Commitee Members:
John Greenall (VT), Susan Koso (MA), Ted Campbell (CA), Jody Cutler (CA), Sterling Graburn (KY), Marsha Himler (NY), Mary Anne Boyden (AZ), Mary Jo Stockman (MN), Dana Bright (PA),
Ruthie Graves (TX), Anne Councill (PA)


Rationale for the Committee:  The Pleasure Driving Committee is primarily responsible for maintaining and updating the format, rules and practices of the Pleasure Driving discipline, which includes Coaching, while preserving the established traditions thereof.


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Prepare, propose, and make recommendations on rule change proposals (RCP) from The Pleasure Driving Committee members,  ADS members and the USEF
  • Develop new Pleasure Driving competition classes
  • Propose new rules and modification of existing rules to improve the sport of Pleasure Driving and Coaching.
  • Review ADS Omnibus Pleasure Driving submissions
  • Assess and report on the health of the Pleasure Driving discipline
  • Make recommendations on how to increase participation in Pleasure Driving as a sport and increase membership in ADS by those with an interest in Pleasure driving
  • Participate in the creation of curricula for the training of Pleasure Driving learners, officials and competitors
  • Recommend qualified members for the USEF Pleasure Driving Technical Committee to the President

Recreational Driving Committee

Heidi Ferguson, DE
Phone: 302-632-8024
Email - midatlantic@americandrivingsociety.org 
Committee Email: recreational@americandrivingsociety.org 


Recreational Driving Handbook - (ADS Rulebook RD 3-6)

Recreational Driving Goal: to raise awareness and recognition of ADS benefits to current member and non-member recreational drivers while providing support, educational opportunities and other benefits to the recreational driver

Member Benefits:

  • Trail Guide - update, verify and enhance
  • Club Incentives
  • ADS Recreational Drives in all regions
  • Hours to Drive program
  • TREC
  • Traditional Day of Driving
  • Promotion of Fun or Game Days
  • Omnibus listing for ADS recognized recreational events
  • ADS Recreational Drive Handbook (currently listed in Rulebook under Recreational and on ADS website under Recreational Driving link)
  • Organizer’s Guide for Planning an ADS Recreational Drive
  • Event Insurance
  • Educational Opportunities & Grants
  • Merchandising

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Report to the ADS Board of Directors any activities and issues of concern to the broader organization
  • Keep aware and connected with other equine activities, events and organizations so as to promote safe and enjoyable recreational driving
  • Work with other committees to coordinate activities with their events and purposes
  • Report any major issues of concern to the officers and board

Relationship with other Committees:

  • The relationship should be to enhance the ADS’s overall usefulness to our members and the driving community at large
  • A general awareness of other committee activities should be maintained so as to not overlap activities or duplicate efforts
  • Communication with other committee chairs via Internet and meeting will enhance this flow of information
  • Regional Directors involved in the Recreational Driving committees efforts is crucial to the recreational driving committee’s success

Rulebook Committee

Interim Chair:
Lauren Reece, ME
Phone: (207) 698-0873Email: 


Committee Email: rulebook@americandrivingsociety.org

Committee Members:
Marc Johnson (MA), Tracey Morgan(MD), Boots Wright(FL), Jeff Morse(MA), Shelly Temple (SC), Heidi Ferguson (DE)


The Rulebook 

  • Maintain and update the master file of ADS Competition Rules. Additionally, guidelines for Licensed Officials and Competition Organizers are included in the Rulebook as a convenience for officials and the membership.
  • Produce the Rulebook as a downloadable PDF file with live links and as a printed spiral-bound book. The electronic version is also available with all changes marked (red-line) to assist tracking the yearly updates.
  • Archive past documents.

The Rule Change Process

  • Maintain the year-round RCS/RCP blog which allows members to submit and comment on changes and to track Suggestions/Proposals through the process. User support is provided as needed. 
  • Assist and coordinate with Technical Committees, who are responsible for reviewing rule change Suggestions (RCS) and comments before submitting Proposals (RCP) to the RC for inclusion in the Annual Membership Review. 
  • Present the final slate of RCPs to the BOD for approval. 
  • Oversee the schedule and responsibilities of the process calendar.

The Future (proposed)

  • Publish an Abridged version of the Combined Driving Rules for ADS-recognized competitions (not to include FEI rules that do not apply to ADS levels).
  • Implement additional ways to educate and provide members with an understanding of the rule change process and how they can participate. 
  • Work more closely with USEF and FEI to ensure consistency of  updates to rules common to all levels.
  • Investigate creation of topic- or level-specific rule reference sheets.



Membership Committee

Chair: Teresa Bron, WA
Phone: (509) 854-1025
Email: mtb224@icloud.com​
Committee Email: membership@americandrivingsociety.org 

Committee Members: Gwen Bassetti (WA), Dianne Koopman (MA), Ann Craig (OR)

Affiliate Relations Committee

Chair: Shelly Temple
Phone: (804) 837-4888 
Committee Email: affiliaterelations@americandrivingsociety.org

Committee Members: Shelly Temple (SC), Marc Johnson (MA)


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Cross Plains, WI 53528, USA

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